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Additional Benefits

Our plan offers additional benefits at no cost to you like a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line to answer your health questions and an over-the-counter benefit.

Medicare-Medicaid OTC Brochure

Your current health plan offers an over-the-counter (OTC) benefit that lets you buy OTC health and wellness products. The catalog includes a list of OTC items that you can order and have mailed directly to your home.

There are three ways to order—in store, online, or by phone.  You can also download the new OTC Health Solutions App. The app is an easy and quick way to scan items in store, view your benefit information and items offered, process an order, review past orders, and look up account information. Ordering is easy. Just follow the steps in your plan's catalog.

Click on the OTC Catalog link below for all of your benefit details:

You can also connect to CVS® OTC Health Solutions to review products and store information.

Medicaid Opt-Out OTC Brochure

24-Hr Nurse Advice Line

Our Nurse Advice Line is a 24-hour, toll free phone line that callers can use to reach both customer service representatives and bilingual nursing staff. The Nurse Advice Line service provides access to a broad range of services about your health including health education, urgent pharmacy re-fills, transportation for treatment, and crisis interventions.

The services listed below are available 24 hours a day by contacting our Nurse Advice Line (NAL) at 1-866-549-8289 (TTY: 711):

  • Medical advice line
  • Health information library
  • Help in determining where to go for care
  • Answers to questions about your health
  • Advice about a sick child
  • Information about pregnancy
  • Advice on how much medicine to give your child

Not sure if you need to go to the emergency room?

Sometimes you may not be sure if you need to go to the Emergency Room. Call our NAL. They can help you decide where to go for care.

For more information on any of these additional benefits we provide, please call Buckeye Member Services at 1-866-549-8289 (TTY: 711). Hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. On weekends and on holidays, you may be asked to leave a message. Your call will be returned within the next business day.,,,,,,