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Resources / Materials

  • 2024 OH H0022 MMP Member Handbook - English (PDF) - coming soon
  • 2024 OH H0022 MMP Member Handbook - Spanish (PDF)  - coming soon
  • MyCare Ohio Member Handbook for Medicaid-Only Members (PDF)  - coming soon
    This Member Handbook, or Evidence of Coverage, tells our members how their benefits work for Buckeye Ohio Medicaid. Members should contact Original Medicare, or their Medicare Health Plan for information about their Medicare benefits.
  • MyCare Ohio Waiver Handbook for Medicaid Members on a Waiver (PDF)  - coming soon
    This Waiver Handbook tells our members how their benefits work in Buckeye’s integrated care delivery system Ohio Medicaid waiver.

  • MyCare Ohio Self-Direction Handbook for Medicaid Members on a Waiver (PDF) - Coming soon
    This Self-Direction Handbook gives information for waiver members who wish to be more involved with recruiting, hiring, training, and managing aides and health care workers for certain types of waiver services.

  • 2024 Summary of Benefits - English (PDF) - coming soon
  • 2024 Resumen de Beneficios - Spanish (PDF) - coming soon

Your current health plan offers an over-the-counter (OTC) benefit that lets you buy OTC health and wellness products. The catalog includes a list of OTC items that you can order and have mailed directly to your home.

There are three ways to order—in store, online, or by phone.  You can also download the new OTC Health Solutions App. The app is an easy and quick way to scan items in store, view your benefit information and items offered, process an order, review past orders, and look up account information. Ordering is easy. Just follow the steps in your plan's catalog.

Click on the OTC Catalog link below for all of your benefit details:

  • Over-the-Counter Catalog - English (PDF) - coming sooon
  • Over-the-Counter Catalog - Spanish (PDF) - coming soon

You can also connect to CVS® OTC Health Solutions to review products and store information.,,,,,,